Our blog features news, announcements, and updates about our company and services.



Our blog features news, announcements, and updates about our company and services.

How can I boost my WiFi signal in a big building

How can I boost my WiFi signal in a big building

The internet has become fundamental for our existence as everyone uses it for a myriad of reasons. From households to workplaces, campuses, and more, having WiFi with a strong signal is vital to ensure stable workflow. Generally, people install WiFi routers from their internet service providers (ISPs); unfortunately, sometimes it’s not enough. This blog will discuss problems with WiFi strength and how DAS Systems boost WiFi signal.

Common Wi-Fi problems found in big buildings

When living or working in a big establishment, you’re bound to face some challenges with WiFi coverage and speed. Some of the issues that block WiFi signal include:

Network Usage and Load

If more people use the same network bandwidth, it limits the shared bandwidth. For instance, video streaming requires a lot of bandwidth which causes the WiFi to be slow. You will need a provider that caters to higher throughput speeds to improve WiFi signal and maintain high performance.

Wireless Network Interference

As WiFi is a necessity, the wireless transmissions sent through the air are endlessly multiplying. Signals that operate at the same frequencies might interfere with each other and block WiFi signal. For instance, the 2.4GHz band frequency can be affected by the overcrowding of wireless signals and result in people facing problems with their devices connecting to the internet.

Network Range and Distance Between Devices

The bigger the distance between the networked devices that need to communicate with each other, the weaker the signal strength becomes. Wireless signals travel further in wider areas; as the signal propagates, it becomes weak resulting in the need for a WiFi signal booster.

Local Environment and physical obstacles

Obstacles are usually solid objects that block WiFi signal such as hills, buildings, single walls, and people. The more obstacles between the transmitter and the receiver, the weaker the WiFi signal strength.

You might consider installing a Cellular DAS System when wall construction properties are inhibiting your wireless signals. Concrete walls can badly affect the performance of indoor networks, so the thicker the walls, the more difficult it is for the signal to penetrate and maintain high strength.

Why installing WiFi extenders isn’t always the best solution

A range extender is a WiFi signal booster that helps you obtain total WiFi coverage in a specific area. The range extender connects to the existing WiFi router and creates another WiFi network with its name and security credentials. However, because WiFi Range Extenders possess their security credentials, users will always need to log into the range extender on their devices and then on to the router.

Furthermore, the range extender can’t operate in parallel to your router and devices, meaning the available bandwidth will be shared by the range extender, the router, and all the connected devices, which weakens the WiFi signal.

The ultimate way to improve WiFi signal in large buildings

WiFi Range Extenders and additional routers used as repeaters might work in small offices and homes. But to significantly improve WiFi signal in large buildings you will need a professional telecommunication engineering provider.

DAS Systems will boost WiFi signal by creating a structured network of data from the location of your main router and strategically positioning points throughout your building. These points will have special WiFi devices connected to the network, known as WiFi Access Points. Unlike boosters and extenders, WiFi Access Points are physically hardwired into your main router so they propagate clean and strong frequency signals.

That way, wherever you go inside the building, all your phones, tablets, laptops, and digital devices will seamlessly connect, have strong signal coverage, and load quickly.

Connecting all the devices through a network of data cables ensures that the router emits and receives strong signals. Working with DAS Systems provides you with the best WiFi Signal booster solutions and allows you, and everyone in the building, to benefit from a fast and faultless WiFi connection.

To wrap up

If you’re still thinking about how to boost WiFi signal through walls, the answer is easy: Contact us. DAS Systems offers design, installation and maintenance for state-of-the-art wireless networking technology and security. From pre-construction consulting to WiFi Design and WiFi installation, our team will match all your inside and outside building needs and provide you with a powerful and long-lasting connection.

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