Enhancing Emergency Systems & Upholding Connectivity

DAS Systems installs wireless repeaters throughout the building connected to a reception antenna or terestial cable for total coverage

Concrete structures prevent cellular signals from reaching inside buildings
DAS Systems designs and installs an array of in-building antennas which propagates desired frequencies.

DAS Systems’ offering is backed by an extensive portfolio of successfully completed projects including commercial and residential properties. By deploying our industry leading solutions, our clients can rest assured knowing that they will receive a comprehensive consulting process, first-class engineering schematics, as well as maintenance and monitoring.

Flex Spaces

DAS Systems supplies end to end cellular coverage across countless industries, for projects — both big and small. The lean methodologies carried out by the leading cellular and ERRCS solutions enable owners, developers and GC’s to save money, with our efficient yet comprehensive designs and thorough execution. The collective expertise of the DAS Systems team spearheads the deployment process from initial site survey to final testing.


DAS Systems has the leading cellular and ERRCS solution in its industry, with a plethora of successful deployments for customers ranging from small to medium sized residential properties to office high-rises, shopping centers, sports venues, campuses, warehouses, airports, and more. Regardless of your project size or structural requirements, DAS Systems can deploy a robust yet efficient solution to minimize operational and management costs.



Industrial Verticals
General & Electrical Contractors
Whether you are a general contractor, electrical, low-voltage or fire alarm subcontractor; DAS Systems will enable you to increase profitability. We provide the expertise necessary to meet your customers’ wireless connectivity desires, and fire code requirements. Our team of experts provides in-building signal testing, design and support services for public safety and wireless carrier coverage, you can depend on.
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Commercial & Office
In today’s modern business world, dropped calls and weak connectivity are unacceptable. Businesses must ensure they are accessible around the clock, to meet market demands. DAS Systems will ensure your organization bypasses the operational costs associated with poor network coverage. Contact our team of experts today to optimize your customers’ experience.
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Hotels & Resorts
DAS Systems has extensive experience across a variety of industries, enabling its team of experts to provide in-building planning for commercial developers, building owners, authorities having jurisdiction, architects and consultants. We recognize that reliable wireless communication is important to the end user and as such, we will develop a strategic plan to meet your objectives.
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Hospitals & Outpatient Clinics
Healthcare facilities require interoperability between traditional systems and novel wireless technologies that can be delivered through multiple networks. In order to optimize the patient experience and increase employee productivity, these facilities must ensure to seamlessly integrate all forms of communication that allow medical professionals to do their jobs.
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Residential / Multi-Tenant
DAS Systems provides on-premises wireless cellular solutions for residential & multi-tenant communities. With the number of people working from home on the rise, seamless wireless carrier coverage is more important than ever. We deliver Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) to enhance cellular coverage for residents. In order to keep residents and public safety personnel safe while also remaining in compliance with fire code requirements, we amplify public safety radio frequencies (RF) & cellular signal inside apartment buildings, senior living communities, student housing, dormitories and barracks.
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Colleges & Universities
DAS Systems provides specialized on-premises wireless solutions for campus environments. Our distributed antenna system (DAS) offering upholds mandatory safety compliances for universities, as well as building codes and fire safety ordinances for emergency responder radio communication coverage-ensuring reliable connectivity for all users.
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