What is 5G & Why is it Important for Your Business?

5G, the upgrade to 4G network, also known as the fifth generation of mobile wireless communications promises to lower latency, faster speed, offer greater stability, and enhanced load capacity.

Organizations looking to future-proof their products & systems must recognize the potential of 5G. It’s set to enhance enterprise connections dramatically, power emerging AI technology, and transform IoT sensors. Investing in 5G tech will supercharge your business & change the way your business communicates with consumers, integrates new technologies, and analyzes big data.

How 5G Tech Boosts Businesses

  • Intelligent IoT devices: With the number of IoT devices expected to increase with the announcement of 5G speeds, IoT-focused businesses can expect this highly-anticipated network to impact IoT devices vividly by enhancing infrastructure diagnoses systems and offering better data insights; both will support a company’s infrastructure and lower device exposure – which are known to be more vulnerable to cyber threats like cryptojacking.
  • Network Slicing: The multiple uses and new services of emerging technology by businesses and consumers will require a flexible network that can deliver an enhanced user experience. With 5G tech, companies will be able to make multiple virtual networks with just one physical system. This network slicing can aid companies’ delivery of an end-to-end virtual system involving not only networking but also storage and computing functions as well. With 5G connections, consumers are offered a more seamless experience.
  • Multi-Access Edge Computing: Through 5G tech, multi-access edge computing will support in decongesting a company’s crowded network, even when accompanying a huge load of devices at once. This cloud-based network architecture does not only reduce site congestion but also increases overall site performance. Furthermore, by managing large data loads and delivering results in real-time, multi-access edge computing will additionally safeguard user data through local computing against a centralized network.

There are a few reasons why your business should start investing in 5G connectivity. Contact Us today to learn more about how we can help your organization integrate 5G and adopt its benefits.


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