The Process of Getting a DAS Distributed Antenna System Installed in Your Building


Some building owners are highly altered to knowing the technology in their building. Before making any modifications, they want to see the advantages and disadvantages of possible options before deciding. If one wants to take charge of their DAS installation, they would still need an experienced team to design and install the system. Once installed, it may be possible to oversee maintenance and repair from there. However, it is best to opt for an entire team to design, install, manage and maintain your DAS system. Here is the process of getting a DAS distributed antenna system installed in a building:

  1. Work with an Experienced Representative: During this phase, you can discuss with an authorized representative the cellular connectivity needs and dig deeper into an exploratory conversation.
  2. Get a Site Survey: Once the initial consultation is completed, a site survey is scheduled at your building. A site survey is the first and most significant step in evaluating your cellular signal amplification to ensure you receive the most suitable solution. 
  3. Design a Customized Solution: A customized installation plan is designed according to needs, building size, and external signal strength, based on the outcome of the initial consultation and site survey.
  4. Remote Monitoring: To ensure optimal performance maintenance and support for any new or future needs or problems are offered. Remote monitoring is vital, as it alerts customers of any changes or issues which may indicate the need for adjustments to the amplifier for optimal performance.

DAS is a popular solution for property owners who don’t want to take chances with their network, but several factors should be considered before you get started with an installation. 

If you want to know whether DAS is the right path for your building, we offer a wide variety of service options. Reach out to us today, and our representatives are ready to take the next step.


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