RF Grid Testing / Grid Reporting

RF Grid Testing / Grid Reporting


RF Grid Testing


Here at DAS Systems we provide First Responder (Fire Department, Police Department, and EMT) RF Grid Testing and Grid Reporting. These Services are required for the assessment of RF signal levels in existing and new buildings and it should be conducted when in the construction phase or after alterations are made to existing structures, this test and report is required on annual basis or at other intervals as specified by the Authority having Jurisdiction. The acceptance and additional annual testing is necessary when a coverage enhancement system or DAS is installed by the building owner. The AHJ will provide direction for test activities and approve the test documentation prepared by the building owner. Per NFPA 72 and Section 510 CA FIRE CODE/Building code. We provide a comprehensive RF report after our RF grid test that is accurate and easy to understand.

The National Fire Protection Association specifies that each floor be divided into a grid of 20 cells covering a maximum size of 128,000 sq/ft per floor. Signal levels must be measured with a calibrated recording system in each of the grid cells and all critical areas (We use the latest Anritsu LMR Master and BTS Master Spectrum Analyzer). The measurement system shall take a minimum of 20 readings while walking a pattern within the grid cell. No more than (2) nonadjacent cells can fail the test. Should (2) adjacent cells fail the test, the floor can be potentially divided into additional grids to demonstrate 90% coverage of the general building area.

We can also test the RF signals of wireless carriers (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint)  to establish the current signal strength in your building.

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