Benchmark RF Grid Testing & Final Acceptance Testing


RF Grid Testing


DAS Systems can perform a Benchmark RF Grid Test per Fire Code – Section 510. Benchmark data of all frequencies will be tested per Local and County requirements to determine any RF coverage deficiencies throughout the building for First Responders (Fire, Police, EMT). The test report will be provided showing downlink levels, building loss, and uplink calculations of each floor, critical areas, rooftop and exterior. We provide a comprehensive report which is accurate and easy to understand. Results will determine whether or not an ERRCS will be needed (an ERRCS will be required if adequate coverage is not found) and which levels/areas will require antennas. A proposal for a full design/build ERRCS can be provided by DAS Systems if a test deems a system is needed.

If an ERRCS is required and installed, DAS Systems also provides the final Equipment Validation and Acceptance Testing. This report confirms all of the equipment was installed and commissioned per approved/permitted design. This report must be available onsite for Final City Inspection.

The National Fire Protection Association specifies that each floor be divided into a grid of 20 cells covering a maximum size of 128,000 SQFT per floor. Signal levels must be measured with a calibrated spectrum analyzer in each of the grid cells in addition to all critical areas. DAS Systems use the latest Anritsu LMR Master and BTS Master Spectrum Analyzers. No more than two (2) non-adjacent cells can fail the test.

We can also test the RF coverage strength of wireless carriers (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint) to establish the current signal strength in your building.

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