Design & Integration


Customized DAS Design Build & Integration

Because We Know Your Needs Are Different

unnamedAt DAS Systems, we aim to provide unique and customized wireless solutions that meet the needs of your business. Your wireless requirements and priorities may vary depending on the size and nature of your business. Thus, our design and engineer team will create a custom DAS design build to address your wireless coverage needs, now and in the future by providing routine maintenance, and annual re-certifications.. We will also ensure that we address all required ERRCS (Emergency Responder Radio Coverage) guidelines, and wireless carrier services to keep your property in compliance (NFPA 72 Section 510) with the AHJ, as well as keeping your people connected.. Once the solution is designed/engineered, and approved our expert FCC  licensed technicians will perform the installation and build out of your DAS. By customizing a seamless wireless system, your business will keep compliant with life safety requirements, as well as save time and money with our neutral host carrier DAS.. Our services will ensure a strong and reliable wireless connection when and where you need it most. We understand that each property or project may have its own unique infrastructural challenges, and we think of the best and most value minded designs to address these challenges. Most importantly we understand that reliability and consistency are paramount to all of our clients, and these values are DAS Systems mission.