Our blog features news, announcements, and updates about our company and services.



Our blog features news, announcements, and updates about our company and services.

Signs That Suggest You Need a DAS System

Signs That Suggest You Need a DAS System

Four signs that suggest you need a DAS System

With technological advancements moving at an incredible speed, telecommunications are becoming increasingly ingrained in our social fabric, which is translated by significant innovations that often fail to meet the users’ expectations. 

As time goes on and 5G rollout increases, traditional obstacles still threaten reliable and consistent streams of communication, where Distributed Antenna Systems can fill in the gaps, providing a dedicated bridge for those who most depend on it. 

Overcoming The Technical Barrier 

Technical factors are certainly always a consideration, given the multiplicity of factors at hand, 

signal travel distance, trees, capacity issues, and building materials are some of the most relevant reasons for poor reception.  

Therefore, a distributed antenna system covers the entirety of a business area, be it indoor or outdoor, guaranteeing that both customers and employees are reliably connected throughout their days. 

This ultimately ensures that customers and employees both stay assured that they have access to reliable and robust cellular reception whenever they are on-premises.


Improving Business Performance 

The performance of an organization is highly dependent on its communications system; this ensures that end-users and the business itself benefit from enhanced communications and improved coverage. 

Improvements are multidimensional as they allow for seamless business interactions such as conference calls, large meetings, and high-volume uploads or downloads. 

The enhancements stand to improve end-users’ performance both on the bandwidth and workload levels, which ultimately benefit the clients, staff, and business. 


Upholding Cost Efficiency and Business Reliability

In the spirit of the age-old adage: “time is money,” maintaining reliable access to the internet is a pivotal issue, particularly in the digital era. Businesses that heavily rely on their communication network are at risk if faced with unexpected bandwidth drops or reception issues. 

Distributed antenna systems can conserve energy by using low-power antennas instead of high-power antennas, which means your business will ultimately consume less power while maintaining a high standard of reliability in terms of connectivity. 


Ensuring The Safety of Occupants and First Responders

In our modern-day, occupational health and safety are a core element of any community’s safety. In that spirit, large commercial areas should be adequately prepared as part of their disaster reduction strategies. 

Distributed antenna systems act as a pivotal link in ensuring the safety of occupants by maintaining a reliable and strong communication link between first responders and potential victims. 

Additionally, DAS allows first responders to ensure their constant communication stream, even among different agencies, ensuring that communication and coordination are always upheld during any intervention. 

Closing Notes

Distributed antenna systems are a versatile technology that serves a multidimensional purpose, benefitting both users and stakeholders. Its utility, therefore, promotes seamless usage throughout your business, for both expected and unexpected.

At DAS Systems, we ensure quality and honesty throughout our service as a cornerstone of our approach. 

Our expert team can help you assess, design, and implement a strategy that can reliably transform your business in the coming years, reach out to us and find out more about how we can help you. 

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