Our blog features news, announcements, and updates about our company and services.



Our blog features news, announcements, and updates about our company and services.

The importance of public safety DAS in an older building


Public safety DAS is an essential component of any building’s communications system. It’s one of the most critical systems for any business or facility exposed to potential emergencies. It must be able to communicate with first responders in real-time.
Users of public safety DAS include hospitals, schools, residential buildings, and other public buildings with a large surface area and a considerable amount of people within these buildings.

What is a public safety DAS?

 A public safety DAS (PSD) is a network of antennas and radio access points installed in a building to improve first responder communications.

First responders use a PSD to communicate with each other and their commanding officers, command centers, and other agencies. Such as firefighters and police officers working in co-op during an intervention.

As structures age, it is pivotal to maintain adequate safety standards that meet modern requirements, offering occupants and first responders the benefit of increased security.

DAS system requirements for older buildings

 The DAS system requirements for older buildings are the same as those for new construction, although several factors can affect the quality of your system and its performance:

  • Building age and structural integrity
  • Design challenges, such as wiring and power distribution systems
  • Difficulty in installing adequate backup power if needed
  • NFPA and IFC safety code requirements
  • Maintaining reasonable costs while upkeeping building safety and aesthetics 

Public safety DAS is a crucial component of any building’s communications system

A public safety DAS is a core component of any building’s communications system.

 It provides the first responder instant access to critical communication networks, allowing them to plan and execute evacuation routes in building layouts. 

 It effectively improves emergency response times and quality while preventing loss of life and property damage.

 This technology enables firefighters, police officers, and other emergency responders to communicate effectively during an emergency by using high-speed data transfer speeds (1 gigabit per second), that exceed typical phone line transmission speeds (384 kilobits per second).

 A DAS system can be used by multiple agencies simultaneously when needed—for example during large-scale events like hurricanes or tornadoes—and allows everyone involved on scene unparalleled usage of their voice communication systems, which may not always be reliable due to weather conditions or distance from base stations.

 Users will know exactly where they’re supposed to be and what to do, not only because they’ve been trained but because their communications systems have tuned into existing systems around them.

What is the importance of public safety DAS in an older building?

Code compliance is essential to any short- and long-term fire safety plan. This helps to ensure that occupants and first responders alike are well-equipped to handle emergencies and increase the odds of survival during unexpected Events.

Adopting a public safety DAS system will provide first responders with the information needed to make quick decisions during an emergency while promoting better evacuation procedures.

This is critical in older structures where the following factors should be upheld:

  • Building materials may not be fire resistant, causing a quick escalation of the situation.
  • An aged and weakened structure that is more prone to collapsing.
  • Older architectural designs that are less considerate of fire safety plans


Public safety DAS is a core component of any older building’s communications and emergency safety systems.

It provides the backup first responders need and ensures their access to the network during an emergency. In turn, their communications remain constant and reliable, ensuring their coverage remains intact, especially in older buildings.

Contact us to learn how we can help you assess your need for a DAS system, and design a bespoke system that works for your old building’s code requirements.

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