Our blog features news, announcements, and updates about our company and services.



Our blog features news, announcements, and updates about our company and services.

What to look for when choosing a DAS company

What to look for when choosing a DAS company


What to look for when choosing a DAS company

Distributed antenna systems businesses are often led by communications technology experts. They can provide specialized or turnkey solutions that help improve your business’ overall connectivity and compliance with local rules and regulations, ensuring optimal public safety.

A DAS system has the potential to catalyze an enterprises’ business performance, services and overall connectivity overnight, for both short and long term benefits. As such, partnering up with the right DAS Company is a delicate step, where multiple fields and considerations need to be accounted for. 

What does a DAS Company do

DAS enterprises frequently provide additional services that concentrate on developing wireless technologies, such as cellular networks, 5G coverage, two-way radio, and other forms of communication.

More importantly, they can frequently offer communications network solutions to retain your adherence to building rules and standards, optimize network deployments, boost system capacity, and expand cell site coverage.

Many companies will also provide on-site management, project management, installation, and turn-key solutions. Paired with maintenance and testing that ensure the long-term reliability and operability of the system.

Why look for a DAS company

Two reasons can be the driving factor behind reaching out to a Distributed Antenna Systems company, as both play together in ensuring optimal network coverage; identifying a qualified enterprise is a pivotal task.

On one end, connectivity issues are a driving factor behind reaching out to DAS companies, given the increased need for improved and more reliable network coverage in the era of interconnectivity, social media, and remote work. DAS companies hold potential solutions that can cater to your businesses’ needs and expectations.

Furthermore, building code compliance and disaster risk resilience strategies play an integral role in reaching out to a DAS company, ensuring your compliance with local and federal regulations.

In parallel, it helps position your business against decreased signal connectivity in the event of an emergency, natural, or man-made disaster, maintaining lifelines between victims and first responders.

What to look for in a DAS company

Here are some of the main points that can help you identify and vet a DAS company to take your business to the next level:


Industry expertise is paramount when looking for a DAS company, as it ensures that the managers, technicians, and DAS engineers handling your business needs are well equipped with the know-how and skills to assess, design, and implement a tailored DAS system.

Experts can also capitalize on their previous experience to provide a unique solution that fits the requirements at hand, ensuring an efficient and reliable approach.

Proven track-record

A DAS system is seen as an investment by most accounts, as it is an added expense that helps build the overall business value over time. As such, diligence and experience go a long way in ensuring this investment goes a long way.

Choosing a DAS company with a portfolio that can shed light on their accomplished projects, scale, and approach can help bring insight into whether the partnership is a potential fit, or not.

Additionally, assessing the feedback provided by the business’s clients can deepen that insight into the approach followed by the company and the long-term relationship that is developed, particularly when considering the maintenance and testing of various systems over upcoming years. 

Diverse products and services

It is also essential to consider the different products and services offered by a DAS company, as you may need to consider different options based on your needs, which would ensure a more streamlined approach to developing your networking capacities through one supplier.

Moreover, a diversity of products and services would provide a more lasting partnership through a streamlined approach that can include repairs, maintenance, testing, and future upgrades to your existing infrastructure.

Lastly, ensuring that a DAS business offers a diversity of products and services can guarantee that a tailored solution can be developed through the available equipment, suppliers made through a DAS company’s network and expertise.

Main takeaways

In sum, identifying, vetting, and committing to a DAS business partner is an integral part of adopting a DAS setup for your businesses, and should encompass a holistic approach.

As such, upholding expertise, track records, and product diversity can ensure that your investment in a DAS solution is matched with an equally valuable partnership through a DAS business.

Here at DAS systems, we pride ourselves on our exceptional team of experts and our proven track record. Contact us to learn more about how we can help provide you with value engineering from start to finish.

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