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Our blog features news, announcements, and updates about our company and services.


The cost of installing and maintaining and ERRCS

How much does an emergency responder radio coverage system ERRCS cost?

In disastrous moments, first responders must be able to communicate with each other. Because an ERRCS system renders the communication between emergency responders reliable and secure, the NFPA and AHJ mandate every property to have one. This blog will discuss how much installing, maintaining, and testing an ERRCS system costs.  

What is an ERRCS system?


An ERRCS system, also known as Public Safety DAS, is a specialized communication system designed to fortify signal coverage in geographically vulnerable zones and isolated places such as elevators and basements. ERRCS systems render rescue missions successful by ensuring secure communication between emergency responders in times of crisis.

Types of buildings that require an ERRC system

Emergency responder radio communication systems ERRCS are essential in any large building with complex layouts that contain features that interfere with radio signals. 

Numerous factors can hinder communication between first responders inside a property such as thick walls, multiple floors, underground structures, and construction materials like concrete, wood, Low E-glass, metal, and brick.

Some of the buildings that classify for an ERRCS installation are:

  • Large office buildings and high-rise commercial buildings
  • Hospitals and healthcare establishments
  • Schools and other educational institutions
  • Malls and retail shops
  • Arenas and stadiums
  • Underground structures like parking garages and tunnels. 
  • Hotels and hospitality venues
  • Factories and warehouses 

How much does installing an ERRCS cost?

When considering the cost of installing an ERRC system, you should take into account the following factors:

  • The size of the property 
  • The complexity of the system
  • The materials and equipment used
  • The location and accessibility of the installation site 
  • Additional services or customization that may be required

The frequency range of the ERRCS

The cost of an ERRCS DAS system varies based on the frequency range it operates on. If the frequency bands include VHF (Very High Frequency), UHF (Ultra High Frequency), and satellite-based systems, such as the Nationwide Public Safety Broadband (NPSB), then the ERRCS will be significantly more expensive. 

Keep in mind that emergency responders use different radio systems and frequencies in every state. The systems vary based on the guidelines from Authority Having Jurisdictions (AHJ), state funds, the terrain and population density of the area, the technology used, and other factors. 

The time of installation

When constructing a new building, it is not wise to delay the installation of the ERRCS system. If a building is about done and lacks an ERRC system, the owner will fail the fire marshal inspection and won’t be able to occupy it. 

The cost of installing an ERRCS after constructions are finished drastically increases because it’s difficult to run cables on an already-built building. Moreover, getting specific amplifiers in low-frequency bands like VHF and UHF takes a lot of time. The owner of the property will end up paying wasteful fees of extra hundreds of thousands of dollars for delaying and not having proper installation plans for the ERRCS.

How much does maintaining an ERRCS system cost?

Determining the cost of maintaining an emergency radio communication system is not evident as it rests on several factors:

  • Hardware and infrastructure: maintaining the physical components of the ERRCS depends on the age and condition of the installed equipment.
  • Software and licenses: cost depends on the type of software and how many people use it.
  • Training and support: cost depends on how complex the system is and the amount of training its users need. 
  • Maintenance contracts: Some ERRCS providers offer regular maintenance repair services and customer support in their contracts.

How much does ERRCS testing cost?

ERRCS testing is crucial and consists of multiple types of assessment: functional testing, performance testing, and interoperability examination. The testing fees include cost of labor, equipment used, size and complexity of the system, number of devices operating, type of test, and the specific needs and resources of the organization handling the tests.


The cost of installing ERRCS systems may be high, but is crucial for the safety of civilians as it helps keep them safe when catastrophes occur. Installation dues aside, ERRCS DAS needs constant maintenance, testing, and licensing fees for the system to be fully operative. At DAS System, we aim to design and install ERRCS systems that meet your needs and comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Contact us now to get a professional estimate on your ERRCS installation.

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