Our blog features news, announcements, and updates about our company and services.



Our blog features news, announcements, and updates about our company and services.

How are external Public Safety radio signals retransmitted within a building?

How are external Public Safety radio signals retransmitted within a building?

A very important question that comes to the mind of any building owner: what if an emergency occurs in your building? How can you make sure that the people inside are able to communicate with emergency responders outside? Are occupants able to dial 911 from their cell phones? What if there is an urgent need to evacuate the building? 

These questions are made all the more urgent by the fact that many buildings are made of materials that can impede cellular or communication signals.

So how do you make sure that your building is safe for its occupants? How do you guarantee that first responders can communicate with building occupants seamlessly and efficiently?

The answer is simple: you get a certified & professional company to install an ERRCS in your building.

What are ERRCS, in a nutshell?

An Emergency Responder Radio Communications System, or ERRCS, is an important radio transmission tool that ensures reliable two-way communication for first responders within building structures

It’s an in-building communication system designed to improve critical communications within a building as well as allowing flawless communication with the outside.

Seeing the importance of this, ERRCS systems are mandated by the NFPA and local Authority Having Jurisdictions (AHJs). 

Most buildings that meet a specific size and occupancy threshold, which varies from city to city, must have an ERRCS system installed and be subjected to Annual Testing and Recertification (ATR).

But how do ERRCS work, exactly?

An ERRCS uses a donor antenna to receive the radio signals from the local first responder network – signals that operate on private frequencies used by first responders. 

These signals are then re-amplified within the building at the required locations to make sure there are no blind spots when it comes to connectivity.

ERRCS systems use communication tools compatible with existing public safety radio frequencies to ensure that first responders, paramedical professionals, and public safety personnel are able to communicate safely and efficiently, without being limited or restricted by signal existence or strength.

What do ERRCS guarantee?

Installing an ERRCS system provides a safer world for us all. Its presence in the building is a safeguard against catastrophes happening because of lack of radio signals or proper connectivity. 

It helps first responders to manage any dangerous situation, from manmade disasters such as a raging fire or an explosion, to natural disasters like flash floods or typhoons. ERRCS ensure the safety of both the people in danger and the people trying to help them. 

As such, it is vital to have a knowledgeable party install your ERRCS and perform ERRCS testing to check it for any maintenance issues regularly.


ERRCS systems are a vital lifeline that extends between people in any sort of danger within any building, and the heroes who risk their lives trying to save them every day. 

That is why we take our work extremely seriously and aim to provide nothing but the most flawless communications systems available today.

Get in touch with us to get a detailed quotation for your ERRCS installation.

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