ERRCS and Carrier DAS for FirstNet

FirstNet is the first nationwide network dedicated to public safety to help law enforcement, fire service, EMS, and first responders to do their jobs safely and effectively.

FirstNet Coverage and Usage:

Today, FirstNet wireless coverage reaches more than 99 percent of Americans. According to AT&T (Public Safety Partner), when the network is fully deployed, it will extend the range to 2.74 million square miles, covering 76.2 percent of the continental United States and the District of Columbia. The same services, support, and capabilities provided on the mainland will be provided to public safety responders in Hawaii, Alaska FirstNet, and all five of the U.S. island territories.

The network is based on a hybrid of shared AT&T and dedicated FirstNet assets, backed by billions of dollars funded in people, processes, operations, and devices intended to give customers the first nationwide, public safety grade LTE network.

As FirstNet expands, more public safety agencies are turning to their network; currently, more than 15,000 public safety agencies and corporations (estimated for more than 2 million connections nationwide) have subscribed to the network.

The recent agencies to sign on to FirstNet include:

  • Los Angeles Police Department, the third-largest municipal police department in the United States, is combining thousands of law enforcement officers and emergency responders with FirstNet for the priority communications they need.
  • The City of Cambridge, part of the Boston metropolitan area, will equip its police, fire, EMS, and other FirstNet 1st responders, giving them better coverage for day-to-day response and life-saving missions.


But why with FirstNet deployment is it more critical to invest in ERRCS?

Our nation’s law enforcement officers, firefighters, paramedics, and other responders must prioritize their communications needs during emergencies. 

However, not all solutions are built the same; as such, DAS Systems specializes in building antenna systems that amplify public safety communication via radio frequency (RF) signal coverage in all buildings and facilities and broad campus areas.

Our ERRCS and Carrier DAS solutions comply with building codes and fire safety ordinances for indoor emergency responder radio frequency signal strength, coverage and capacity requirements of local jurisdictions, NFPA and FFC.


At DAS Systems, we are experts in designing and installing the proper Public Safety communications system that complies with rules and regulations, assists first responders during emergencies, and potentially saves lives. Contact us to learn more about the suitable solution for your properties needs