Our blog features news, announcements, and updates about our company and services.



Our blog features news, announcements, and updates about our company and services.

Can External Factors Affect an ERRCS?

Can External Factors Affect an ERRCS?

An emergency responder radio communications system (ERRCS) is a critical component of emergency response systems. It’s the primary tool for communication between emergency first responders and dispatch centers. 

The reliability of an ERRCS is crucial since it can affect response times and may even lead to needless injuries or death in times of crisis. However, many factors outside a dispatch center’s control can affect an ERRCS’s reliability. 

This blog will explore ERRCS, how external factors affect its reliability, and why maintenance is essential for ensuring optimal functionality at all times!

The Reliability of an ERRCS

You may be wondering if the ERRCS is reliable. The answer is yes! 

The system provides reliable communications and redundancy using two separate radio transmission paths. 

External factors such as water, wind, or power outages are not supposed to affect your ERRCS signal. These systems are designed to resist the elements and are engineered to rely on a backup system during a power outage.

Additionally, ERRCS Systems are engineered with strength and redundancy, as buildings might be subject to an array of emergency events, and it can be challenging to assess eventualities in mind. 

As such, RF engineering and design factors in eventualities to ensure systems are implemented with fire, flood, and natural event risks in mind. 

ERRCS Maintenance

It’s essential to perform an Annual Testing and Recertification, or ATR, as mandated by the NFPA and authority having jurisdictions, as it ensures your ERRCS performs at optimal performance at all times. 

It is essential to note that we do advise contacting your provider for such tasks. We at DAS Systems consider each client a partner, allowing us to form long-term relationships with them to tend to their needs, certifications, maintenance, and the like. 



The Maintenance of an Emergency Responder Radio Communications System is a significant part of emergency response and disaster management plans. It can be costly, but its purpose is to save lives and assets. 

The most common external factors that may affect an ERRCS are not necessarily poor weather conditions but rather aging systems and lack of maintenance by the operator.

Are you looking to maintain your ERRCS on your premise? Reach out for a consultation! 

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