Our blog features news, announcements, and updates about our company and services.



Our blog features news, announcements, and updates about our company and services.

Exciting News! DAS Systems: Now UL-Certified and ERRCS/ERCES-Rated DAS Solution Provider

At DAS Systems, we take immense pride in delivering next-generation Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) that not only enhance connectivity but also prioritize safety. We are thrilled to share some incredible news with our valued clients and partners: our DAS solutions are now UL-Certified.

DAS and Its Purpose

DAS, or Distributed Antenna Systems, are cabled infrastructure that distribute wireless signals throughout a building or area utilizing BDA’s and in-building antennas. Their purpose is to enhance wireless coverage, ensuring that everyone within the space can enjoy reliable and efficient communication, for multiple carriers. DAS is the cornerstone of modern connectivity inside buildings, driving progress across industries.

UL Certification and Its Importance

UL certification, issued by Underwriters Laboratories, is a rigorous mark of quality, safety and reliability. It signifies that a product and a system integrator has undergone comprehensive inspection to become qualified to UL certify a system, which confirms quality and code requirements have been met. When it comes to DAS, UL certification is crucial as it ensures the system effective in its purpose.

ERRCS/ERCES and Their Significance

Emergency Responder Radio Communication Systems (ERRCS) and Emergency Radio Communication Enhancement Systems (ERCES) are integral to public safety. ERRCS/ERCES ensure that first responders can communicate effectively with their radios during emergencies, making them a critical safety requirement in many jurisdictions.

Benefits of UL Certified ERRCS/ERCES 

  • Increased Safety and Reliability
    UL certification ensures that our systems are built to the highest standards, reducing the risk of communication failures during critical moments.
  • Reduced Risk of Liability
    Using a UL-certified designer and integrator, organizations can mitigate liability risks associated with emergency communication issues.
  • Improved Compliance with Regulations
    Meeting UL certification and ERRCS/ERCES code requirements demonstrates compliance with crucial safety regulations, ensuring peace of mind for clients and authorities.
  • Enhanced Reputation and Credibility
    Being a UL-certified ERRCS/ERCES solution provider enhances our reputation and credibility, making us a trusted partner for safety-conscious organizations.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
    Clients can trust that our solutions not only provide superior connectivity but also prioritize safety, fostering long-term customer loyalty.

The Future of DAS in ERRCS/ERCES Applications

The future holds immense promise for DAS technology. As it evolves, we anticipate even more innovative solutions to enhance safety and reliability in ERRCS/ERCES applications, further strengthening public safety.


In summary, UL-certified systems by DAS Systems is a game-changer for connectivity and safety. We are proud to be a industry leader and encourage you to explore how our solutions can benefit your organization.

With our commitment to the highest standards of safety and connectivity, DAS Systems is your trusted partner in building a safer, more connected future. Join us in revolutionizing the way we stay connected during emergencies.

For more information on our UL-certified and ERRCS/ERCES-rated DAS solutions, contact our team today.

Experience the future of safety and reliability with DAS Systems.

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