Distributed Antenna Systems for Businesses


Several businesses struggle with limited wireless coverage and mobile signals within their premises. So why do such “dead zones” exist, and why are distributed antenna systems(DAS) essential for businesses? This blog will address a cost-effective and efficient way to improve your wireless coverage and mobile device signals by introducing a Distributed Antenna System (DAS). A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) network of antennas that will better achieve high-quality cellular coverage and improve connectivity for your users.

Areas where the cellular signal from a cell tower is not reaching phones or other devices, can occur for multiple reasons. Sometimes the issue is just distance. Cellular reception worsens the farther away one is from a cell tower. Trees, structures, and other materials can also interfere with the cellular signal and generate a dead zone. Another reason is that too many people use mobile devices in the same space simultaneously, which can also hurt cellular reception.

An installed distributed antenna system (DAS) is essential for enterprises for many reasons. Possibly the most significant benefit is that all of your clients and employees will experience a more reliable signal after DAS installation. A distributed antenna system covers your business’s outdoor and indoor areas, ultimately ensuring that your customers and workers will never have to worry about having poor cellular reception when they are around your business’ building.

A distributed antenna system helps your customers and provides improved communication and enhanced coverage for all of your business interactions, including conference calls, meetings, etc.

Distributed antenna systems is a money-saving solution as it conserves energy by using low-power antennas instead of high-power antennas. Your business will eventually be spending less power, allowing you to save money over time with decreased energy bills.

A distributed antenna system can enhance your business’ efficiency in various ways depending on your business’s specific needs. At DAS Systems, we are experienced in designing and installing a distributed antenna; our team works with you to define which DAS solution will provide the best coverage for you.

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