About Distributed Antenna Systems

At DAS Systems, Inc., we specialize in Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) to enhance RF coverage inside mixed-used apartment communities, corporate campuses, shopping malls, parking garages, airports, sports venues, auditoriums, and many other types of structures. This is accomplished with a donor antenna, bi-directional amplifiers, and a network of antennas throughout the building which serve as repeaters for proper uplink and downlink RF signals to improve coverage. In a world of wireless devices and the desire to be able to access information wherever and whenever, DAS Systems has come to the forefront of wireless communication services. DAS Systems is always evolving to provide consumers with the systems they need to function efficiently.

DAS Systems specializes in fire code required Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Systems from start to finish. As a trusted and respected source in the construction industry, DAS Systems works with their clients early in the planning phases as an ERRCS Consultant. We work hand in hand with architects to ensure the required two-hour rated infrastructure is considered. We believe in value-engineered designs and preparation to avoid a costly fire-drill in the final stages of construction. When the ERRCS has not been planned for and our client is well into construction, our Field RF Engineers collaborate with the client to find the best solution for our system installation and integration. Our RF Design Engineers and Operations Team stays current and educated with the everchanging fire code and ERRCS requirements to ensure compliance with current NFPA 72 standards and Fire Code Section 510. Our Engineers make sure your design meets all of the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) requirements. We also provide the maintenance and code required ERRCS Annual Testing and Recertification for our systems. As the code changes, we make sure your building continues to meet code and offer a healthy ERRCS to keep our First Responders safe in case of emergencies when they may need their radios for communication.

In addition to ERRCS, were are Wireless Carrier DAS designer and integrator. Our systems boost and propagate 4G, LTE, and cellular phone services for Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. We provide carrier coordination and encourage the carriers to invest in your property’s DAS to ensure that their infrastructure is upgraded so that they can retain or gain new market shares. With the high-demand for data use by consumers, the market for DAS has soared. Our services have been utilized by a broad range of industries including: hospitals, universities, and transit organizations. We have engineered systems for REITs, developers, corporations, and public work municipalities.

DAS Systems is here to help you design, engineer, install and commission the right ERRCS or DAS for any application. As a leader in Distributed Antenna System integrations, DAS Systems is ready to work with you to develop effective solutions for your unique infrastructural challenges. Join the many other organizations who have trusted DAS Systems for their digital communication needs, and your service will never let you down again.