About Distributed Antenna Systems

At DAS Systems, Inc., we specialize in Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) to resolve isolated areas with poor coverage inside large venues Multi-Family housing, corporate campuses, Shopping Malls, Under Car Garages, Airports, and any other type of building with poor RF coverage. We do this by installing DAS Head end gear which consists of BDA’s, ROU’S, into a  network of relatively small antennas throughout the building to serve as repeaters for proper uplink and downlink of RF signals. Living in a world that has become addicted to wireless devices and the ability to access information wherever and whenever, DAS systems have come to the forefront of wireless communication. DAS Systems, Inc. is always evolving to provide consumers with the systems they need to function efficiently.

DAS systems provides, designs and engineers Public Safety DAS via BDA’s (Fire Department, Police Department and other Public safety organizations) , Wireless Carrier DAS (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T Mobile), and WiFi DAS (high speed wireless internet) all of our systems propagate wireless services seamlessly utilizing multiple band frequencies” – Elia Betbadal • CEO • DAS Systems

We are a neutral host, wireless carrier, and Distributed Antenna Systems design and integration firm. Our systems boost and propagate 4G, LTE, and cellular phone services for Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. These providers are looking to make major investments to ensure that their infrastructures are upgraded so that they can retain or gain new market shares. They won’t be able to expand their markets without the help of a proper DAS system; that’s where DAS Systems, Inc. comes in.

Distributed Antenna SystemsDAS Systems, Inc. exists to help you design, engineer, install and integrate the right Distributed Antenna Systems for any situation. With the high-demand for data use by consumers, the market for DAS has soared. Our services have been utilized by a broad range of industries, including hospitals, universities, and transit organizations. We’ve engineered systems for REITs, developers, corporate clients, general and electrical contractors, and public work municipalities.

We understand the importance of staying connected while traveling or on vacation. One of our unique offerings is the Neutral Host DAS Integrator, which is a rarity in the United States. This model of integrators is created through agreements with the actual venue owners to share the revenue brought in from rental and proper upkeep of the DAS equipment.


As a trusted source for the construction industry, DAS Systems ensures that new and existing construction projects are in compliance with current NFPA 72 standards and CA Fire Code Section 510 for First Responders Radios to meet all requirements of Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). We also provide the Maintenance/Annual Re-certification of all of our DAS Systems for First Responders to ensure that all DAS systems we install continue to meet the AHJ requirements. As codes are updated, we will make sure the existing DAS system meets the new requirements.

A leader in Distributed Antenna System integrations, DAS Systems, Inc. is ready to work with you to develop effective solutions for your unique infrastructural challenges. Join the many other organizations who have trusted DAS Systems for their digital communication needs, and your service will never let you down again.