5G Coming Soon! Get Ready!

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5G is the FUTURE

The problem of poor indoor cellular coverage already is widespread, with 74 percent of U.S. workers in industries from hospitality to healthcare and warehouses to enterprises, saying they “frequently” or “sometimes” have problems with connectivity. Mobile coverage is essentially another utility these days —tenants and employees expect it the way they expect the lights to always turn on and the water to always run, and when it doesn’t work well, people notice immediately.

Connectivity is only going to become more critical in the future to enable employees to complete their tasks using the technologies that help them work most productively, and ensuring those technologies are usable in the workplace. 5G will intensify in-building connectivity issues, impacting not just businesses within the buildings, but also CRE building and facilities managers who want to get top companies into their office space.

For businesses to meet current challenges of indoor connectivity, and be ready for true 5G, design engineers can specify a full-spectrum distributed antenna system (DAS) network, which best supports carrier aggregation features of today’s 4G and will be in the best position to support indoor 5G moving forward.

Source: ecnmag.com